Kelly Villarreal Golf
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With the first shot from the tee you tell yourself you are strong, you are brave and will face head on all the fears which you create within your mind, within your heart, within your soul. One shot at a time you force your mind to focus on the journey and not the destination; however as you get closer to the finish, one hole at a time, your character is tested by your deep desire to hit your “target”. As you obsess about the perfect shot and the perfect swing, the conquest no longer is about golf it is a passionate fight against your own personal adversities. No two minds are alike and each one has a uniqueness that keeps the battle exciting, and with every shot and every putt you must choose to carry on the fight.

In golf as in life you encounter trials and tribulations that pull you down and pick you up; the champion is the one who stares down the face of fear, trusts in their hard work and discipline, smiles upon those who don’t believe and never loses sight of who they are, what they want or how to achieve their goal.
   Kelly Villarreal


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